Related Projects

The Xavier Story Project is more than a collection of historical materials. It's an ongoing effort by Xavier students, alumni, faculty, and staff, as well as a means to connect them to one another. It's also inspired a set of related projects that are reflected in Xavier's course offerings, on its campus, and in its student-alumni relations. 


Investigative Stories Program

The XULA Investigative Stories Program brings together students and veteran journalists to examine some of our nation’s most critical issues and how they're playing out in the City of New Orleans. 

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Virtual Tour: Xavier in NOLA

Start with a video tour of Xavier's history in New Orleans—from Algiers to Xavier Prep, to Frank Hayden Square, to "Spirit House," to landmarks on Xavier University's own campus.

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Xavier Community Map

This online map shows where Xavierites live, all over the world. Students and alumni who join the map can also share photos, browse yearbooks dating back to 1927, and connect with one another.

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Xavier Story Gallery

This gallery on the first floor of Xavier’s University Center lets students, staff, and visitors explore Xavier’s history through video interviews, archival photographs, and interactive tablets.

It's free and open to visitors seven days a week, 10am-4pm.